How to Volunteer for MDC

Why Volunteer?

We believe God has placed the burden and leadership of this ministry on our hearts and that He puts on the hearts of His people to help others.

So what are the benefits of helping MDC?

When you volunteer to help MDC, you are helping other people who are in need; people who may be going through a crisis as unemployment, home foreclosure, hunger, guilt, un-forgiveness, etc.

Our Heavenly Father rewards those who serve others through His Spirit and in the name of Christ our Lord.

With your help, MDC seeks and finds these people in need, so we can give them aid and support in both physical and spiritual needs.

Volunteering Is Easy!

We try to make it easy for you to volunteer and help MDC.
Here are some easy ways:

Volunteering To Do What?

We realize that not everyone is compelled or can do he same thing. There are a lot of ways to serve others through the love of God. As we have been taught, the body is made up of many members, each member functioning differently, but working together to make the body function properly.

So, we try to make opportunities of service available that you might feel led to do.

The following list mentions a few of our immediate needs:

This is a partial list. And you may have a talent that you would like to put in service for God. Call us and let us know.

Some of our needs call for dedication on the part of the volunteer and others are on a "as you can" basis. The best way to find out is by one of the methods mentioned above in "Volunteering Is Easy".


Margaret James


Winetta Williams


Cynthia Staley



Partnering For Success

Volunteering is a wonderful way to contribute to a better community. Metropolitan Dream Center offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to individuals and groups that wish to contribute to the work of helping others.

MDC enjoys the benefits of 150+ volunteers, helping us meet the needs throughout the year.

Several businesses and churches offer their time, resources and energy to sponsor and support our mission during events where we feed and clothe the less fortunate and homeless. We couldn't do what we do without them.

If you or your group are interested in volunteering, visit our Contact page to get in touch with us.

Thanks for volunteering!

Beckley Hills Baptist Church
Believer's Hope Family Church
Bethsaida Baptist Church
Cedar Crest CME Church
Christian Chapel "Temple of Faith"
CT's Barbeque
Dallas Fire Rescue
Dallas Police Department
Dug Hunt & Access Storage
Durham School Services
Glendale Preswbyterian Chruch
Greater Ebenezer Bible Church
Greater Memorial Baptist Church
Grater New Vision Christian Center
High Point Church
Lamb of God Baptist Church
Impact Church Lonestar
Life in Christ Family Church
More Than A Roof Dallas
New Leaf Missionary Baptist Church
New True Vine Miracle Tabernacle
New Zion Baptist Church
Seven Pillars CDC
South Texas Dental

If you have volunteered, and we have missed your name, please accept our apologies. This is the most recent list we have. Please send our Webmaster an email with your name and when you volunteered and he will add you to our recognition list.