Our Guestbook

Viewing Our Guestbook

You can view comments from our guests by clicking the large button immediately to the right entitled " Sign Our Guestbook.".

The Web page opens as if it were a page in our guestbook, but it is really a copy that is embedded, or displayed on the Web page. It will display ten guests and their comments per page. A page number is located at the upper and bottom right hand side of the displayed book.

Also at the top of the display, it gives you a total of all entries. Each entry has a number associated with it: 1 is the first entered, 2 is the second entered, and so on.

Opening Our Guestbook

You have to open our guest book in order to sign it. To open it is a two step process. From here:

  1. Click the large "Sign Our Guest Book" button
  2. Locate and click the text link that says "Sign the Guestbook" in the right upper corner of the display

That opens our guestbook which looks exactly like it does on our Web page display.

Signing Our Guestbook

Thank you for signing our guestbook. Your comments and friendship to MDC is greatly appreciated.

To sign our guestbook, click the text link again that says "Sign the Guestbook" as you did in step 2 above. That will open a page that will allow you to leave comments.

You can make your comments Private (only MDC can view) or Public (your comments will be displayed so other guests can read them).

When you are finished, click the link again that says "Back to Guestbook." To return to our website, click the close button at the very top of the page on the right hand side. You should see a X on the button and when you hover over it, it turns red. Click it and it will return you to our website.

MDC reviews all comments before they are posted to our website.

Your privacy is very important to us, so we will not display your email address.

Enjoying Our Guestbook

Here is a list of features we think you will enjoy:

Maintaining Our Guestbook

To make changes to our guestbook, you must have administration privileges. If you do, you can login as an Administrator by clicking the link "Administration" at bottom center of page; then entering your User Name and Password.

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