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Receiving clothes at MDC's event

The ever increasing needs of disadvantaged people in our communities compel us to provide consistent and relevant social services throughout the year. We constantly reach out to our neighbors who need help, letting them know we care and want to help them.

We prepare many special events throughout the year, working with our Partners who hosts the events. As a result, we come in contact with thousands of people who need help in some form or fashion. The following events are those that we try to sponsor on a regular basis.

We invite and encourage you to attend these meetings to see first hand the people we help and how we help them. If you would like to learn more about one of the events, or how you can help us help others, please contact MDC at 214-916-0623.

The following events listed below show how we attempt to achieve our purpose and mission of reaching out to people in our communities who truly need some type of help.

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What? Christmas Toys Distribution
When? December 10th
Time? 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM


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Fun, Food, & Fellowship

Our Community Feeding event is a time of fun, food, and fellowship; a monthly occurrence that provides free food and meals. It is probably what we are better known for, if for no other reason than because we do it so often. However, we do more than just provide free meals. At these events we provide food, clothing, and general social activities to let people know they are loved, that we want to be friends, and that their plight in life is not ignored.

We try to keep in touch throughout the year and give people hope. As a result of this event, many people have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Please consider attending and volunteering for one of these events. You will receive, not just a free meal, but a blessing from meeting people who are really thankful for what you have done for them.

Harvest Fest

This event, held in the latter part of each year, is a culmination of our Feedings: it's like our grand finale.

The sum total of our labor and prayers of the year are poured into this event: we've planted, now we are awaiting the harvest.

All our partners, volunteers, and sponsors try to get together to make this a very special event. It's a massive outreach to those in need. Free meals, health screenings, clothing, and entertainment are provided which enable us to make friends and discover ways to help people.

Plan to attend. We think you will like it and you will receive a blessing from it.

Prayer Breakfast

Our Prayer Breakfast is designed to nourish both our bodies and spirits, helping us to communicate our needs to God and make strategic plans to do His will.

It provides a time of great fellowship and nourishing foods. Keep checking back and plan to attend our next Prayer Breakfast. It could change your life.


Back To School

This event is to aid our children with their need for school supplies. It is held sometime in August.

We ask churches, organizations, businesses, and friends to assist us with donating many of these supplies that ensure our kids are properly educated and set an environment for an easy and enjoyment learning experience.


Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, MDC distributes free food and clothing from 10:00A.M. until 3:00P.M.

And on every Wednesday, we provide free hot meals from 12:00P.M. to 2:00P.M.

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We try to sponsor a musical at least once a year. They are time consuming to plan for and demand extra energy in order to produce. But once delivered, they prove to be a great blessing and spiritual uplifting of the heart; they seem to touch many people's souls.

If you have a musical background, like to sing, or have a talent to plan events, we encourage you to volunteer to lead out in this great adventure. Not only will it bless you, but bless thousands of others as song and music puts them on a higher ground.


The revivals we generate may not be as the old traditional sense of the word, but we do keep in mind the true meaning of the word: "to live again."

As we plan for a revival event, we try to bring you speakers and topics that will warm, or even burn your heart and draw you close to God, making you glad that you are His child.

We encourage you to attend a Revival Event and experience first hand how God's word can draw you to Himself.