Ways To Donate

Ways You Can Donate

  • Mail:

Send to Metropolitan Dream Center
PO Box 398105
Dallas, Texas 75339

  • Online:

Setup a one-time, or recurring, gift through use of a bank ACH draft, credit card, or debit card

  • MDC:
Donate on the MDC portal by clicking the PayPal or MoGive button.
  • Bank:
Donate through your bank's online Bill Pay feature: This option generates a check from your bank to MDC upon your action. Your bank mails the check to MDC for you.
  • Non-cash:
You can also donate gifts of stocks and mutual funds.

What We Collect

We collect special items that will help people who need it. The items not only help the person physically, but in many cases, helps open doors of opportunity to witness and pray for them, leading them to Christ. So, please don't donate items that are broken or no longer of use.

We have also learned over the years the items that are beneficial to the person.

See a list of our most common needs.

Monthly Features

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Donate Here

All contributions to MDC Web-Maintenance are 100% tax deductable. You can send us your contribution by mail to the following address:

The Metropolitan Dream Center
P.O. Box 398105
Dallas, Texas 75339

—or through our PayPal account. You don't have to have a PayPal account to donate. Click the button below to get started. It's quick and easy and you can set your own donation amount.

—or through MoGive, the quick and easy text giving. Simply click MoGive and text in a donation.